Personal Protective Equipment

Cambridge Energy Efficiency Solution is a service provider of customised, on-site Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We are dedicated to providing safety equipment for your workforce that minimises or eliminates risk to injury and exposure to harmful elements. We achieve this by providing products that meet all safety regulations and have been tested to prove effectiveness. Our system flexibility and logistic network allows us to distribute quality products across all provinces and industry segments.

Cambridge Eneregy Efficiency Solution attributes its success to these key elements:

  • A partnership-based approach to the management of PPE, including guidance in standardisation of equipment
  • Active participation in customer safety programmes
  • Ability to customise solutions in order to interact with customer infrastructure and systems
  • Cost-effective processes

A Customer-Specific Solution

Cambridge Energy Efficiency Solution has formulated a ‘PPE Solution” to help employers comply with industry and regulatory requirements. Together with our clients, we determine the specific PPE needs and frequency of issue for each employee in line with your specific job requirements.

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