Energy Solutions

We are dedicated to providing accurate solutions that will ensure visible maximum services from month to month. learn more →

Efficiency Audits

We collect information about your building over a seven to ten day period. We use a statistically valid sample of representative areas to extrapolate savings over your entire building. learn more →

Our Methodology

The “Company Energy Efficiency Methodology” (Methodology) has been developed for South African companies to help them improve energy efficiency.learn more →

Green Solutions

We endeavour to always conform to SABS ISO 140001: 1996 (as revised): Environmental Management Systems-Specification with guidance for uselearn more →

Fibre Optic Cables

Our fibre-optic cables can be customized and assembled to meet various technical specifications and technical drawings. We supply an extensive range of the best available fibre-optic…Read More →

Energy Efficiency Services

We believe customers want to be provided with clear, accurate information based on real data and not guesswork or assumptions. Our clients tell us they want to make informed investment decisions and comfortable efficiency projects will deliver the expected outcomes. Read More →

Protetive Equipment

We are dedicated to providing safety equipment for your workforce that minimises or eliminates risk to injury and exposure to harmful elements. We achieve this by providing products that meet all safety regulations and have been tested to prove effectiveness. Read More →

Due to our experience and dynamic offerings. We have served some of South Africa’s top brands.